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Social Justice in the Light of Anthroposophy: An Awakening Call

Parts I and II now online 

originally published as “Biodynamics and Social Justice”

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A New American Revolution? Associative Economics and the Future of the Food Movement

chapter in Free, Equal and Mutual: Rebalancing Society for the Common Good, Hawthorn Press, Stroud, England, 2018. Click here to order this book.

Biodynamic Cannabis: Moving Beyond the Yea or Nay

Biodynamics journal, East Troy, WI, 2017

The Promise of Consumers Associations

Stella Natura 2019 Biodynamic Planting Calendar

Toward an Associative Economy in the Sustainable Food and Farming Movement.

Self-published, 2007

Agriculture and the Sacred

first published in the Fall 2013 edition of RSF Quarterly

Biodynamics and the Dignity of the Farmer

Biodynamics journal, East Troy, WI

On Biodynamics and Radiation

Biodynamic Association blog

Restore the Balance of Crops and Livestock

with Dick and Sharon Thompson

Community and Agriculture: An Iowa Pilgrimage

Chapter in Eating in Place: Telling the Story of Local Foods, Free River Press, Decorah, Iowa. Click here to to order a copy of this book.

In Partnership with the Spirits of Place

Biodynamics journal, East Troy, WI, 2016

Strengthening the Heart of the Food Movement: Biodynamics and the Deregulation of GMO Alfalfa

Biodynamics Journal, East Troy, WI

Toward a Holistic Approach to the Threat of GMO’s

Biodynamics journal, East Troy, WI

The Sacred Wound: Understanding and Responding to the Call of Grief

Unpublished essay, 2017

Embodying Anthroposophia in the 21st Century

Unpublished essay, 2007

Uriel—Preparer of the Way for Michael (currently under revision)

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