Projects and Partners

Anthroposophy and Social Justice Project. This is a project I have recently launched with Mark McGivern to develop new approaches to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion that are rooted in the wisdom of anthroposophy and social threefolding. You can learn more about the project here.

Threefold Driftless is a project I am co-leading together with Seth Jordan that is focused on bringing the ideas and impulses of Social Threefolding, as pioneered by Rudolf Steiner, to the Driftless region of southwestern Wisconsin. Social Threefolding is a methodology for social change that is grounded in a holistic understanding of the human being and of the forces that shape human societies. Click here to learn about upcoming events and meetings of Threefold Driftless.

Zinniker Farm Stewardship Association. I am currently working with Zinniker Farm, the oldest biodynamic farm in the United States, and a group of their consumers, to start an innovative type of CSA called the Zinniker Farm Stewardship Association (ZFSA). ZFSA is inspired by the original model for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) developed at Temple Wilton Farm in New Hampshire, which is radically different from the typical CSA. You can learn more about ZFSA here. I am also helping the Zinniker’s find a new farmer to help steward the farm into the future. You can learn more about that effort here.

The Viroqua Earth Healing Group conducts research and carries out events designed to support the health of the immune systems and elemental beings of the earth. Our work focuses on festivals and ceremonies that incorporate the use of biodynamic preparations and other alchemical substances in concert with singing, poetry, prayer and movement. Some of these events are carried out on farms and some in non-agricultural settings that have the potential the amplify the effects of the work to the wider surroundings. To learn more about this work, contact me or watch my presentation to the Biodynamic Association of Northern California here.

Cresset Center for Agriculture, Ecology and the Arts. The mission of the Cresset Center is to inspire the ecological and social imagination of the residents of the northern front range of Colorado by creating a sanctuary for bio-diverse agriculture, wildlife, community education, cultural exchange and the arts on the historic Henry H. Uhrich Farm. I currently serve as the interim Director of the Cresset Center. Stay tuned for a website with more info.

Agriculture Section of the School of Spiritual Science. I currently serve on the Council of the Agriculture Section in North America, whose purpose is to nurture and engage in spiritual scientific research that can inform and inspire the development of holistic forms of agriculture and land stewardship. You can learn more about the Agriculture Section and the School of Spiritual Science here.


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