Projects and Partners

Thoreau College is an audacious attempt to start a liberal arts micro-college in western Wisconsin inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner, Henry David Thoreau and LL Nunn, founder of Deep Spring College. I currently serve on the faculty and Stewarding Circle of Thoreau College and look forward to helping grow this initiative for many years to come.

Bear Creek Commons:  I am pleased to be helping bring into being Bear Creek Commons, an aspiring ecovillage, set in the picturesque Driftless Region of Southwestern Wisconsin, that unites residential living, organic-biodynamic farming and inspiring, place-based educational initiatives (including Thoreau College, described below). Six of the eight fully developed lots are still available for sale and we are seeking people interested in being part of the community.

Emmaus Branch of the Anthroposophical Society: Like a hidden gem in the cultural landscape of our time, the Anthroposophical Society carries a far-reaching vision, wisdom, and perspective on what it means to be a human being. I have been collaborating with and serving the Anthroposophical Society in different roles for many years, at present I am honored to help carry the work of the Emmaus Branch of southeastern Wisconsin.

Institute for Mindful Agriculture (IMA): IMA engages visionaries, practitioners, and educators of the emerging food culture and economy in research and education projects focused on accelerating the growth of this transformative paradigm. I am pleased to be an active collaborator on various projects with IMA.

Association for Anthroposophic Psychology (AAP): AAP is working to complement the field of psychology, and enhance therapeutic practice and coaching skills, through an understanding of the human as a being of body, soul and spirit; a being that incarnates with specific tasks and life challenges born of many lifetimes of striving on the earth for wholeness and balance. In 2017 I completed a three year training with AAP and continue to work collegially with the faculty, alumni and students of this program.