Projects and Partners

Thoreau College is an audacious attempt to start a liberal arts micro-college in western Wisconsin inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner, Henry David Thoreau and LL Nunn, founder of Deep Spring College. I currently serve on the faculty and board of directors of Thoreau College and look forward to helping grow this initiative for many years to come.

Institute for Mindful Agriculture (IMA): IMA engages visionaries, practitioners, and educators of the emerging food culture and economy in research and education projects focused on accelerating the growth of this transformative paradigm. I am pleased to be an active collaborator on various projects with IMA.

Association for Anthroposophic Psychology (AAP): AAP is working to complement the field of psychology, and enhance therapeutic practice and coaching skills, through an understanding of the human as a being of body, soul and spirit; a being that incarnates with specific tasks and life challenges born of many lifetimes of striving on the earth for wholeness and balance. In 2017 I completed a three year training with AAP and continue to work collegially with the faculty, alumni and students of this program.