Small nonprofits and social enterprises are carrying out some of the most important social change work on the planet right now, generally under very challenging conditions. I have over 25 years of experience leading and helping small nonprofits and social enterprises make wise strategic decisions, design effective programs, conduct effective fundraising and manage developmental challenges. Though I work primarily in the food and agriculture sector, I have also consulted with many Waldorf schools and other organizations not working directly in the food and ag space.
Leading social change efforts can be both exhilarating and overwhelming, especially since no one leader can bring to the table all the skills and capacities needed for the job. In my experience, leaders benefit greatly from someone who fully understands what they are up against and the culture of their organization but who is not directly involved in their work–someone who can help them remember the big picture, nurture their own personal and professional development and navigate tough day-to-day decisions. One of my greatest joys is supporting the success of other leaders; please let me know if I can be of assistance.
I launched New Spirit Farmland Partnerships in 2006 to assist small and mid-sized organic and biodynamic farmers in gaining secure access to farmland by linking them with socially-minded investors who purchase the land they land need and lease it to them at a fair price on a long-term lease. Since then I facilitated over $5 million dollars in farmland investments of this kind. Recently I expanded this effort through the launch of the Monarch Farms Project and am currently taking applications from farmers as well as inquiries from investors and philanthropists interested in partnering with me to grow this effort. Click here for more information.